Improving Character-based Reading by Applying PQRST Method to the Students of English Education Study Program

  title={Improving Character-based Reading by Applying PQRST Method to the Students of English Education Study Program},
  author={Purwo Haryono and Sugirin Sugirin and Agus Widyantoro},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Language, Literature and Society for Education},
The research aims at describing whether or not PQRST method can be used to improve character-based reading of the fourth semester students of English Education Study Program. PQRST method is assumed to be appropriate used as a teaching method to improve students reading comprehension. In this classroom action reasearch, the researchers collected the data by doing observation during teaching and learnind character-based reading, giving test, interviewing students, and delivering questionaire… Expand
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