Improving Cache Management Policies Using Dynamic Reuse Distances

  title={Improving Cache Management Policies Using Dynamic Reuse Distances},
  author={Nam Duong and Dali Zhao and Taesu Kim and Rosario Cammarota and Mateo Valero and Alexander V. Veidenbaum},
  journal={2012 45th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture},
Cache management policies such as replacement, bypass, or shared cache partitioning have been relying on data reuse behavior to predict the future. This paper proposes a new way to use dynamic reuse distances to further improve such policies. A new replacement policy is proposed which prevents replacing a cache line until a certain number of accesses to its cache set, called a Protecting Distance (PD). The policy protects a cache line long enough for it to be reused, but not beyond that to… CONTINUE READING

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