Improving CUDA DNA Analysis Software with Genetic Programming

  title={Improving CUDA DNA Analysis Software with Genetic Programming},
  author={W. Langdon and B. Y. H. Lam and J. Petke and M. Harman},
  booktitle={GECCO '15},
  • W. Langdon, B. Y. H. Lam, +1 author M. Harman
  • Published in GECCO '15 2015
  • Computer Science
  • We genetically improve BarraCUDA using a BNF grammar incorporating C scoping rules with GP. Barracuda maps next generation DNA sequences to the human genome using the Burrows-Wheeler algorithm (BWA) on nVidia Tesla parallel graphics hardware (GPUs). GI using phenotypic tabu search with manually grown code can graft new features giving more than 100 fold speed up on a performance critical kernel without loss of accuracy. 
    Genetic improvement of GPU software
    • 27
    • Open Access
    Genetically improved BarraCUDA
    • 7
    • Open Access
    Grow and Graft a Better CUDA pknotsRG for RNA Pseudoknot Free Energy Calculation
    • 28
    • Open Access
    Evolving AVX512 Parallel C Code Using GP
    • 3
    • Open Access
    Genetic Improvement of Software for Multiple Objectives
    • 23
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    Benchmarking BarraCUDA on Epigenetic DNA and nVidia Pascal GPUs
    • 1
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    Evolving better RNAfold C source code
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    • Open Access