Improving COVID-19 CT classification of CNNs by learning parameter-efficient representation

  title={Improving COVID-19 CT classification of CNNs by learning parameter-efficient representation},
  author={Yujia Xu and Hak-Keung Lam and Guangyu Jia and Jian Jiang and Junkai Liao and Xinqi Bao},
  journal={Computers in Biology and Medicine},
  pages={106417 - 106417}
  • Yujia XuH. Lam X. Bao
  • Published 9 August 2022
  • Computer Science
  • Computers in Biology and Medicine
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Prediction of COVID-19 Diagnosis from Healthy and Pneumonia CT scans using Convolutional Neural Networks

Deep learning was shown to successfully predict COVID-19 via CT scan, and the segmented lung, shown by the patient-specific CAMs, identified higher levels of inflammation in the lung of COVID scans compared to the other two groups.



Sample-Efficient Deep Learning for COVID-19 Diagnosis Based on CT Scans

An Self-Trans approach is proposed, which synergistically integrates contrastive self-supervised learning with transfer learning to learn powerful and unbiased feature representations for reducing the risk of overfitting in COVID-19.

Momentum contrastive learning for few-shot COVID-19 diagnosis from chest CT images

Contrastive Cross-Site Learning With Redesigned Net for COVID-19 CT Classification

A novel joint learning framework to perform accurate COVID-19 identification by effectively learning with heterogeneous datasets with distribution discrepancy is proposed and a powerful backbone is built by redesigning the recently proposed CO VID-Net in aspects of network architecture and learning strategy to improve the prediction accuracy and learning efficiency.

Classification of the COVID-19 infected patients using DenseNet201 based deep transfer learning

A DenseNet201 based deep transfer learning (DTL) is proposed to classify the patients as COVID infected or not i.e. COVID-19 or COVID (-).

COVID-19 detection from lung CT-Scans using a fuzzy integral-based CNN ensemble

A light CNN for detecting COVID-19 from CT scans of the chest

Explainable COVID-19 Detection Using Chest CT Scans and Deep Learning

How well deep learning models trained on chest CT images can diagnose COVID-19 infected people in a fast and automated process is explored and a transfer learning strategy using custom-sized input tailored for each deep architecture to achieve the best performance is proposed.

COVID-19 detection in CT images with deep learning: A voting-based scheme and cross-datasets analysis

COVID-Net CT-2: Enhanced Deep Neural Networks for Detection of COVID-19 From Chest CT Images Through Bigger, More Diverse Learning

Enhanced deep neural networks for COVID-19 detection from chest CT images which are trained using a large, diverse, multinational patient cohort are introduced and suggest the strong potential ofDeep neural networks as an effective tool for computer-aided COVID,19 assessment.