Improving Asset Management and Order Fulfillment at Deere & Company's C&CE Division

  title={Improving Asset Management and Order Fulfillment at Deere \& Company's C\&CE Division},
  author={Loren Troyer and James Smith and Sean Marshall and Elan Yaniv and Sridhar R. Tayur and Martin Barkman and Alev Kaya and Yong Liu},
In 2001, Deere's Commercial and Consumer Equipment (C&CE) Division, with growing sales of $3 billion, set out to improve its on-time delivery from plants to dealers and to reduce its inventory while maintaining customer service levels. C&CE used state-of-the-art inventory optimization techniques embedded in SmartOps' multistage inventory planning and optimization (MIPO) product to set trustworthy weekly inventory targets. C&CE used these targets, together with appropriate dealer incentives, to… 

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