Improving Accuracy of SMS Based FAQ Retrieval System

  title={Improving Accuracy of SMS Based FAQ Retrieval System},
  author={Anwar Dilawar Shaikh and Mukul Jain and Mukul Rawat and Rajiv Ratn Shah and Manoj Kumar},
In the present scenario, we are looking for a better way to access information. Short Messaging Service (SMS) is one of the popularly used services that provide information access to the people having mobile phones. However, there are several challenges in order to process a SMS query automatically. Humans have the tendency to use abbreviations and shortcuts in their SMS. We call these inconsistencies as noise in the SMS. In this paper we present an improved version of SMS based FAQ retrieval… 

Domain Specificity for Focused Retrieval in SMS based FAQ Retrieval

A SMS based FAQ (Frequently asked question) retrieval system in which user send a query question in SMS language through their mobile phones as text message and system retrieves the ranked answers from FAQ dataset and results are then sent back to user as SMS text on user’s mobile phone.

Survey of SMS Based FAQ Retrieval Systems

A survey of various SMS based FAQ retrieval systems for various domains is described.

A Review on Monolingual and Cross lingual FAQ Retrieval System

  • Manoj KumarVipra Bhatt
  • Computer Science
    2020 5th International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES)
  • 2020
This paper reviews various approaches for FAQ retrieval based on SMS and a review is provided on monolingual and cross-lingual FAQ retrieval and performance for various approaches are compared.

A semi-automated FAQ retrieval system for HIV/AIDS

This thesis attempts to reduce the number of iterations between the users and the system so that users do not abandon the search process before their information need has been satisfied, and investigates the effectiveness of the aforementioned FAQ document enrichment strategies using three different field-based models.

Multilingual Author Profiling from SMS

In this paper, the gender of a person is classified into male or female categories and age into the following three age groups: (i) 15-19, (ii) 20-24, and (iii) above 25.

NLP Algorithm Based Question and Answering System

This study intends to develop a QA system which can understand the query intent by using NLP based classification along with a novel scoring mechanism to extract the related information.

A review on the Detection of Missing Content Queries in FAQ Retrieval Systems

This article provides a comprehensive review of the different systems that deployed the binary classification approach, the thresholding approach and the hybrid approach in the detection of MCQs and describes the strength and weaknesses of each approach.

Multimodal-based Multimedia Analysis, Retrieval, and Services in Support of Social Media Applications

  • R. Shah
  • Computer Science
    ACM Multimedia
  • 2016
This work leverages both multimedia content and contextual information (eg., spatial and temporal metadata) to address above-mentioned social media problems in their doctoral research.

Multimodal Analysis of User-Generated Content in Support of Social Media Applications

This doctoral research studies the multimodal analysis of UGC in support of above-mentioned social media problems and proposes approaches, results, and works in progress on these problems.

Query Expansion with Neural Question-to-Answer Translation for FAQ-based Question Answering

Experimental results show that the proposed novel Frequently Asked Question retrieval technique retrieves FAQs more accurately than the previous methods.



SMS based Interface for FAQ Retrieval

This work presents an efficient search algorithm that does not require any training data or SMS normalization and can handle semantic variations in question formulation and demonstrates the effectiveness of the approach on two reallife datasets.

Handling Noisy Queries in Cross Language FAQ Retrieval

This paper presents a service that allows a user to query a Frequently-Asked-Questions database built in a local language (Hindi) using Noisy SMS English queries by formulating the query similarity over FAQ questions as a combinatorial search problem.

A system for spoken query information retrieval on mobile devices

This paper presents a system that allows the user to search for information on mobile devices using spoken natural-language queries that combines state-of-the-art speech-recognition and information-retrieval technologies and shows that for mobile devices with high-quality microphones, spoken-query retrieval based on existing technologies yields retrieval precisions that come close to that for perfect text input.

Automated Question Answering Using Question Templates That Cover the Conceptual Model of the Database

The question-answering system developed by this research matches one-sentence-long user questions to a number of question templates that cover the conceptual model of the database and describe the