Improvement of the Water Resistance of a Narrow-Band Red-Emitting SrLiAl3 N4 :Eu(2+) Phosphor Synthesized under High Isostatic Pressure through Coating with an Organosilica Layer.


A SrLiAl3 N4 :Eu(2+) (SLA) red phosphor prepared through a high-pressure solid-state reaction was coated with an organosilica layer with a thickness of 400-600 nm to improve its water resistance. The observed 4f(6) 5d→4f(7) transition bands are thought to result from the existence of Eu(2+) at two different Sr(2+) sites. Luminescence spectra at 10 K… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/anie.201604427


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