Improvement of platelet storage conditions by using new polyolefin containers.

  title={Improvement of platelet storage conditions by using new polyolefin containers.},
  author={Janny de Wildt-Eggen and Johanna G Schrijver and H J Bouter-Valk and Rob Fijnheer and M. Bins and H C van Prooijen},
  volume={37 5},
BACKGROUND Storage of pooled platelet concentrates (PCs) with yields above 3.0 x 10(11) platelets per unit in a 1-L PL-732 polyolefin container for 5 days often results in a drop in pH to below 6.0. Recently, new oxygen-permeable platelet containers (1-L PL-2410, 1-L and 1.5-L Compoflex) have been developed. The maximal platelet storage capacities of the new containers and the PL-732 were compared. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Large platelet pools (n = 27) with platelet concentrations between 1.2… CONTINUE READING
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