Improvement of functionals in density functional theory by the inverse Kohn–Sham method and density functional perturbation theory

  title={Improvement of functionals in density functional theory by the inverse Kohn–Sham method and density functional perturbation theory},
  author={Tomoya Naito and Daisuke Ohashi and Haozhao Liang},
  journal={Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics},
We propose a way to improve energy density functionals (EDFs) in the density functional theory based on the combination of the inverse Kohn--Sham method and the density functional perturbation theory. Difference between the known EDF and the exact one is treated as the first-order perturbation. As benchmark calculations, we reproduce the theoretical exchange and correlation functionals in the local density approximation. Systems of noble-gas atoms are used for benchmark calculations, and the… 

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