• Economics
  • Published 1995

Improvement of crambe for agronomic properties

  title={Improvement of crambe for agronomic properties},
  author={H. D. Mastenbroek and L.J.M. van Soest},
Centre for Plant Breeding and Reproduction Research P.O. Box 16 6700 AA Wageningen The Netherlands Introduction Crambe {Crambe abysslnica) is a cruciferous oilseed crop, cultivated for its high level (55-58X) of erucic acid (C22:l) in the seed oil. Erucic acid and its derivatives can be used in a range of industrial applications, e.g. erucamides and lubricants. Crambe is adapted to cool climatic conditions and has good agronomic features. In the USA the area cultivated with crambe increased in… CONTINUE READING

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