Improvement of Saeednia’s self-certified key exchange protocols


tinguish which peaks are generated by which images of the input. However, the peak values and their corresponding positions shown in Table 1 indicate only four significant peaks. To obtain the images corresponding to these four peaks, the DRFT-based correlator is applied. To see which image in both the reference and the input generates the first peak, we move Fig. 2 40 pixels in the X-direction and 124 pixels in the Y-direction. The moved image is correlated with the input object by the DRFT-based correlator, resulting in the displayed image shown in Fig. 4a, which is the ‘A and B’ image in the top righthand corner of Fig. 1. By applying the same procedures to the second, third, and fourth peaks, we obtain two single Bs and one single A, shown in Fig. 4h-d. The conclusion of the DRFT-based correlation between Figs. 1 and 2 is that Fig. 1 contains four patterns; ‘A and B’, two single Bs, and one single A

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