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Improvement of Mental Health and Cooperation Skills: Curriculum for Peacekeeping Personnel

  title={Improvement of Mental Health and Cooperation Skills: Curriculum for Peacekeeping Personnel},
  author={Marzanna Farnicka and Juan Carlos Aneiros Fernandez and Jes{\'u}s Ram{\'i}rez},
Preparation for work in the field of peacebuilding should always be undertaken from multiple perspectives, as actions and their consequences are bound to bring about changes in many aspects, such as mental health and competences of staff responsible for peacekeeping. The general aim of the presented article is to underline the role of psychological skills necessary for high level functioning of peacemakers and peacekeepers in various countries. The presented program covers two fundamental… 



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Emotional intelligence in the workplace: exploring its effects on occupational stress and health outcomes in human service workers.

  • N. Ogińska-Bulik
  • Medicine, Psychology
    International journal of occupational medicine and environmental health
  • 2005
An essential, but not very strong, role of emotional intelligence is confirmed in perceiving occupational stress and preventing employees of human services from negative health outcomes and it should be developed in stress managing trainings.

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S (in chronological order) • Session A: A PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH TO TERRORISM The psychology of terrorism: a review of literature since 9/11 Blanka Rip, Shira Fishman, Arie W. Kruglanski, & Edward

Loss, stress, and mental health

  • G. Caplan
  • Psychology
    Community mental health journal
  • 1990
Eventual mastery of the burdensome experience involves reorganization of the individual's "assumptive world," namely of his intrapsychic maps of external reality and his internal system for guiding and motivating his behavior, which have been disorganized by the loss of their anchorage in the ruptured attachment.

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