Improvement in Performance of Hadoop using Hace Process and Word Count Result with Bigdata

  title={Improvement in Performance of Hadoop using Hace Process and Word Count Result with Bigdata},
  author={Vivek Badhe and Shweta Verma},
  journal={International journal of scientific research in science, engineering and technology},
  • V. BadheS. Verma
  • Published 6 September 2016
  • Computer Science
  • International journal of scientific research in science, engineering and technology
Figuring innovation has changed the way we work, concentrate on, and live. The appropriated information preparing innovation is one of the mainstream themes in the IT field. It gives a straightforward and concentrated registering stage by lessening the expense of the equipment. The attributes of circulated information preparing innovation have changed the entire business. Hadoop, as the open source undertaking of Apache establishment, is the most illustrative stage of circulated enormous… 

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