Improvement and optimization of an embedded system for short-time weather forecasting


In this paper is presented the improvement of the hardware and the optimization of the algorithm of a system for short-time weather forecasting, developed by the authors. With a purpose of reading of more parameters there are proposed some solutions, related with giving of more accurate forecasts. The features of the system are extended and by means of Wireless communication and access to Internet for connection with other similar systems and/or Internet servers for meteorological information. The algorithm of work of the system is optimized as for base methods for prediction are accepted the Trends and Persistent methods, and the read of the surface effects are reduced to the influence of the wind, the humidity and the clouds cover. This leads to reducing of the requirements for processing resources of the used microcontroller and the volume of the processed statistical data. Under account are taken some modern methods for atmosphere sounding, and by them to increase the accuracy and to extend the range of the given forecasts.

DOI: 10.1145/1500879.1500886

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