ImprovedReceptorAssay for Measuring DigoxinActivity

  title={ImprovedReceptorAssay for Measuring DigoxinActivity},
  author={B. Bednarczyk and S. J. SoIdIn and I..},
  • B. Bednarczyk, S. J. SoIdIn, I..
  • Published 2004
We describe a receptor assay of digoxin activity involving Na/K-ATPase (EC derived from human heart tissue. The procedure requires 500 J.LLof serum or plasma and incorporates one purification step, with Sep-Pak C18 cartridges (Waters). The method appears to be considerably more specific for digoxin and its cardio-active metabolites than are conventional immunoassays. Cardio-inactive metabolites and several digoxin-like factors cross react only slightly. The between-day coefficient of… CONTINUE READING