Improved vein pattern extracting algorithm and its implementation

  title={Improved vein pattern extracting algorithm and its implementation},
  author={Sang-Kyun Im and Hyung-Man Park and Soo-Won Kim and Chang-Kyung Chung and Hwan-Soo Choi},
  journal={2000 Digest of Technical Papers. International Conference on Consumer Electronics. Nineteenth in the Series (Cat. No.00CH37102)},
This paper proposes an improved vein pattern extracting algorithm which compensates the loss of vein patterns in the edge area, gives more enhanced and stabilized vein pattern information, and shows better performance than the existing algorithm. Also, the problem arising from the iterative nature of the filtering preprocess in the existing algorithm is solved by designing a filter that is processed only one time so that a fast recognition speed and reduced hardware complexity is obtained. The… CONTINUE READING
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