Improved trade-off between noise and bandwidth in op-amp based transimpedance amplifier

  title={Improved trade-off between noise and bandwidth in op-amp based transimpedance amplifier},
  author={Carmine Ciofi and Felice Crupi and Calogero Pace and Graziella Scandurra},
  journal={Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37510)},
  pages={1990-1993 Vol.3}
In this work, we propose a new circuit topology for a transimpedance amplifier which allows to obtain an improved trade-off between equivalent input noise and bandwidth with respect to the conventional approach. We report a simple op-amp based circuit implementation of the new transimpedance amplifier together with the results of its noise and bandwidth characterization. The comparison between these measurements with those obtained on a conventional transimpedance amplifier has confirmed that… CONTINUE READING

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