Improved resolution of serum bisalbumin on electrophoresis and investigation of bisalbumin in urine.

  title={Improved resolution of serum bisalbumin on electrophoresis and investigation of bisalbumin in urine.},
  author={J. L. Donnelly and T. Higgins},
  journal={Clinical biochemistry},
  volume={38 7},
OBJECTIVES : The aims of this study were to improve the resolution of albumin variants (bisalbumins, especially albumin Naskapi) from albumin in commercial serum protein electrophoresis systems; to compare the separation of bisalbumin from albumin on these improved methods against the recognized gold standard of capillary electrophoresis; and to investigate the presence of albumin variants in urine. DESIGN AND METHODS : Electrophoresis was performed using the Sebia Hydrasys 15/30 beta1beta2… Expand
Homozygous bisalbuminemia or homozygous mutant albumin?
Serum protein electrophoresis showed a single albumin band migrating faster than normal albumin, and the presence of a homozygous albumin variant band, albumin Naskapi, is noted. Expand
Capillary electrophoresis of proteins 2005–2007
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This review article with 239 references describes recent developments in capillary electrophoresis of proteins and describes applications of CE to analysis of proteins in real‐world samples including human body fluids, food and agricultural samples, protein pharmaceuticals and recombinant protein preparations. Expand
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Improved sensitivity of capillary electrophoresis for detection of bisalbuminemia.
The detection of an acquired and transitory bisalbuminemia may point to an overdose of antibiotics or the presence of ascites or a pancreatic pseudocyst, and the introduction of the Paragon 2000TM capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) system (Beckman Instruments) has noted an increased frequency of identified cases. Expand
Human serum albumin variants: determination and repartition of allotypes in 24 cases of bisalbuminemia observed in the French population.
The study of 24 cases of bisalbuminemia observed in the french population by acetate electrophoresis at pH 8.7 and pH 6.9 can distinguish three slower variants than the normal albumin, the most frequent variant is the B type observed in 16 cases. Expand
Inherited bisalbuminemia with benign monoclonal gammopathy detected by capillary but not agarose gel electrophoresis.
An acquired or transient form has been described that usually has a faster mobility, and may be seen in patients who receive large amounts of β-lactam antibiotics or have pancreatic diseases, usually complicated by a ruptured false cyst. Expand
Structural analysis, fatty acid and thyroxine binding properties of Vancouver and Naskapi variants of human serum albumin.
It is shown that albumin variants Vancouver and Naskapi have normal fatty acid and L-thyroxine binding capabilities, which support the assumption that bisalbuminemias associated with these albumin variant are benign conditions. Expand
Rapid detection and initial characterization of genetic variants of human serum albumin.
Samples from 10 patients who were heterozygous for eight different albumin variants were studied by two methods and each has an abnormal mobility and can be classified on the basis that structural changes at the N-terminus abolish 63Ni binding. Expand
Purification and structural study of two albumin variants in an Irish population.
Two types of variant albumins were detected during routine electrophoresis on cellulose acetate on 34,000 sera from patients in a relatively stable Irish population, with significance for the study of protein evolution and as an aid in identification of drug-binding sites. Expand
Amino acid substitutions in genetic variants of human serum albumin and in sequences inferred from molecular cloning.
The structural changes in four genetic variants of human serum albumin were analyzed by tandem high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) of the tryptic peptides, HPLC mapping and isoelectricExpand
Binding of warfarin, salicylate, and diazepam to genetic variants of human serum albumin with known mutations.
Investigating the interactions between the strongly bound drugs warfarin, salicylate, and diazepam and five structurally characterized genetic variants of the protein found conformational changes in the 313-365 region of the proteins are the main cause for diminished binding of these diverse ligands. Expand
Capillary zone electrophoresis in the evaluation of serum protein abnormalities.
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Studies on a fast-migrating bisalbumin.