Improved quality of life after sympathetic block for upper limb hyperhidrosis.

  title={Improved quality of life after sympathetic block for upper limb hyperhidrosis.},
  author={Peter Panhofer and Johannes Zacherl and Raimund Jakesz and Georg Bischof and Christoph Neumayer},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={93 5},
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to assess two disease-specific quality of life (QoL) instruments after limited endoscopic thoracic sympathetic block (TS) at T4 for upper limb hyperhidrosis. METHODS : Between 2001 and 2005, 112 patients underwent 223 TS procedures in a prospective study. Some 103 patients (92.0 per cent) had palmar, 87 (77.7 per cent) had axillary and 75 (67.0 per cent) had combined hyperhidrosis. QoL questionnaires devised by Keller et al. and Milanez de Campos et al… CONTINUE READING

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