Improved preservation of function during acoustic neuroma surgery.

  title={Improved preservation of function during acoustic neuroma surgery.},
  author={Hirofumi Nakatomi and Hidemi Miyazaki and Minoru Tanaka and Taichi Kin and Masanori Yoshino and Hiroshi Oyama and Masaaki Usui and Hiroshi Moriyama and Hiromi Kojima and Kimitaka Kaga and Nobuhito Saito},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={122 1},
OBJECT Restoration of cranial nerve functions during acoustic neuroma (AN) surgery is crucial for good outcome. The effects of minimizing the injury period and maximizing the recuperation period were investigated in 89 patients who consecutively underwent retrosigmoid unilateral AN surgery. METHODS Cochlear nerve and facial nerve functions were evaluated… CONTINUE READING