Improved preparation method for lysogangliosides.

  title={Improved preparation method for lysogangliosides.},
  author={Shinsei Gasa and Kouichi Kamio and Akira Makita},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
  volume={33 7},
Lyso-GM3 and -GM1 gangliosides were prepared from the corresponding N,N'-dideacylated gangliosides using N-trifluoroacetylation at the sphingosine moiety, followed by N-acetylation and mild saponification. The blocking reaction was performed using a water-ether bilayer system at alkaline medium, in which the N-trifluoroacetylation occurred predominantly at the lipid moiety. Through the procedure, lysoGM3 and lysoGM1 were obtained with higher yields from the corresponding dideacylated… CONTINUE READING