Improved performance of polyaniline-uricase biosensor.

  title={Improved performance of polyaniline-uricase biosensor.},
  author={Kavita Arora and Gajjala Sumana and Vibha Saxena and Rakesh Kumar Gupta and Shailendra K. Gupta and Jatinder V Yakhmi and Manoj Kumar Pandey and Subhash Chand and Bansi Dhar Malhotra},
  journal={Analytica chimica acta},
  volume={594 1},
Uricase has been covalently immobilized using glutaraldehyde as cross-linker onto electrochemically synthesized polyaniline (PANI) films. These PANI-uricase electrodes have been characterized using spectroscopic, cyclic voltammetry and impedance measurements. The morphology and covalent linkage of uricase lead to high enzyme loading and better shelf life. The value of the Michaelis-Menton constant obtained as 5.1x10(-3) mM L(-1) for the immobilized uricase compared to 3.4x10(-1) mM L(-1) for… CONTINUE READING