Improved left ventricular function after chronic left ventricular unloading.

  title={Improved left ventricular function after chronic left ventricular unloading.},
  author={O. Howard Frazier and Claude R. Benedict and Branislav Radovancevi{\'c} and Roger J. Bick and Pavel {\vC}apek and W E Springer and M P Macris and Reynolds M. Delgado and Louis Maximilian Buja},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={62 3},
  pages={675-81; discussion 681-2}
BACKGROUND This study assessed the effect of prolonged left ventricular unloading on native ventricular function. METHODS We reviewed data from 31 patients (30 men, 1 woman) supported more than 30 days (mean, 137 days; range, 31 to 505 days) with the HeartMate left ventricular assist system. The patients' mean age was 46 years (range, 22 to 64 years); 17 had idiopathic and 14 had ischemic cardiomyopathy. Data (anatomic, physiologic, hemodynamic, histologic, and biochemical) were collected at… CONTINUE READING


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