Improved image quality for X-ray CT imaging of gel dosimeters.

  title={Improved image quality for X-ray CT imaging of gel dosimeters.},
  author={Muhammad Basim Kakakhel and Tanya Kairn and Jose Kenny and Jamie Trapp},
  journal={Medical physics},
  volume={38 9},
PURPOSE This study provides a simple method for improving precision of X-ray computed tomography (CT) scans of irradiated polymer gel dosimetry. The noise affecting CT scans of irradiated gels has been an impediment to the use of clinical CT scanners for gel dosimetry studies. METHODS In this study, it is shown that multiple scans of a single PAGAT gel dosimeter can be used to extrapolate a "zero-scan" image which displays a similar level of precision to an image obtained by averaging… CONTINUE READING


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