Improved harmonic approximation and the 2D Ising model at T ≠ Tc and h ≠ 0

  title={Improved harmonic approximation and the 2D Ising model at T ≠ Tc and h ≠ 0},
  author={An{\'i}bal Iucci and Carlos M. Na'on},
  journal={Journal of Physics A},
We propose a new method to determine the unknown parameter associated with a self-consistent harmonic approximation. We check the validity of our technique in the context of the sine-Gordon model. As a non-trivial application we consider the scaling regime of the 2D Ising model away from the critical point and in the presence of a magnetic field h. We derive an expression that relates the approximate correlation length ξ, T − Tc and h. 



Local time-dependent perturbation in Luttinger liquid.

  • Gogolin
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1993
The response of the Luttinger liquid to a local potential is studied at zero temperature and the backscattering from the potential contributes to the core-hole Green's function G(t) the factor (t 0 /t) 1/8 ―a universal (potential independent) decay law.


Known Bethe ansatz results about the sine–Gordon factorized scattering are reinterpreted in terms of perturbed conformal field theory. We obtain an exact relation between the ultraviolet and

Central charge and universal combinations of amplitudes in two-dimensional theories away from criticality.

  • Cardy
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1988
The universal singular free energy per correlation volume fs2 is equal to -(c12)(2-)(1-)-1, where c is the central charge of the theory at criticality, is the usual specific-heat exponent, and is defined (for >0) in terms of the second moment of the energy correlations.

Friedel oscillations for interacting fermions in one dimension.

Friedel oscillations in one-dimensional electron liquid for arbitrary electron-electron interaction and arbitrary impurity strength are studied and a slower decay is found at intermediate distances from the impurity, with a crossover to the asymptotic x-g law.

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Statics and dynamics of the modified kinetic discrete Gaussian model are treated selfconsistently using a Gaussian probability assumption. A non-trivial roughening temperatureTR is found in exactly

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