Improved guaranteed computable bounds on homogenized properties of periodic media by Fourier-Galerkin method with exact integration

  title={Improved guaranteed computable bounds on homogenized properties of periodic media by Fourier-Galerkin method with exact integration},
  author={Jaroslav Vondvrejc},
Moulinec and Suquet introduced FFT-based homogenization in 1994, and twenty years later, their approach is still effective for evaluating the homogenized properties arising from the periodic cell problem. This paper builds on the author’s (2013) variational reformulation approximated by trigonometric polynomials establishing two numerical schemes: Galerkin approximation (Ga) and a version with numerical integration (GaNi). The latter approach, fully equivalent to the original Moulinec-Suquet… 

Voxel‐based finite elements with hourglass control in fast Fourier transform‐based computational homogenization

  • M. Schneider
  • Computer Science
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • 2022
The work at hand introduces FFT‐based solution techniques for underintegrated trilinear finite elements with hourglass control that stabilizes the convergence behavior of the solvers for porous materials and removes the checkerboards from the local solution field.

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