Improved fast integer sorting in linear space

  title={Improved fast integer sorting in linear space},
  author={Yijie Han},
We present improved fast deterministic algorithm for integer sorting in linear space. Our algorithm sorts <i>n</i> integers in linear space in <i>&Ogr;</i>(<i>n</i> log log <i>n</i> log log log <i>n</i>) time. This improves the <i>&Ogr;</i>(<i>n</i>(log log <i>n</i>)<sup>3/2</sup>) time bound given in [6]. When the <i>n</i> integers in {0,1,…, <i>m</i> - 1} to be sorted satisfying log <i>m</i> ⪈(log <i>n</i>)<sup>2</sup>+∈, 0 < ∈ < 1, the time complexity for sorting can be further reduced to <i… CONTINUE READING
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