Improved confusion network algorithm and shortest path search from word lattice

  title={Improved confusion network algorithm and shortest path search from word lattice},
  author={Jian Xue and Yunxin Zhao},
  journal={Proceedings. (ICASSP '05). IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 2005.},
  pages={I/853-I/856 Vol. 1}
We propose a novel confusion network (CN) generation algorithm with linear time complexity, O(T), which is capable of transforming a very large lattice into a confusion network with insignificant time. We further extend the confusion network concept to incorporate the case that a long word is split into short words. Finally, we develop a shortest path search algorithm that finds a sentence hypothesis from a word lattice to minimize the expected word error rate directly. The proposed algorithms… CONTINUE READING
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