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Improved characterization of the eigenvalue behavior of discrete prolate spheroidal sequences

  title={Improved characterization of the eigenvalue behavior of discrete prolate spheroidal sequences},
  author={Santhosh Karnik and J. Romberg and M. Davenport},
The discrete prolate spheroidal sequences (DPSSs) are a set of orthonormal sequences in $\ell_2(\mathbb{Z})$ which are strictly bandlimited to a frequency band $[-W,W]$ and maximally concentrated in a time interval $\{0,\ldots,N-1\}$. The timelimited DPSSs (sometimes referred to as the Slepian basis) are an orthonormal set of vectors in $\mathbb{C}^N$ whose discrete time Fourier transform (DTFT) is maximally concentrated in a frequency band $[-W,W]$. Due to these properties, DPSSs have a wide… Expand

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  • D. Slepian
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  • The Bell System Technical Journal
  • 1978
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