Improved characterization of BOLD responses for evoked sensory stimuli


Pain and somatosensory processing involves an interaction of multiple neuronal networks. One result of these complex interactions is the presence of differential responses across brain regions that may be incompletely modeled by a straightforward application of standard general linear model (GLM) approaches based solely on the applied stimulus. We examined… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.10.053


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@article{Upadhyay2010ImprovedCO, title={Improved characterization of BOLD responses for evoked sensory stimuli}, author={Jaymin Upadhyay and Gautam V. Pendse and Julie W. Anderson and Adam J. Schwarz and Richard Baumgartner and Alexandre Coimbra and James Bishop and Jamie Knudsen and Edward George and Igor D. Grachev and Smriti Iyengar and David Bleakman and Richard Hargreaves and David Borsook and Lino Becerra}, journal={NeuroImage}, year={2010}, volume={49 3}, pages={2275-86} }