Improved blood compatibility of DLC coated polymeric material.


There is currently an increasing interest in the use of DLC (diamond like carbon) films in biomedical applications. These investigations making use of DLC in the biomedical area indicate its attractive properties. In this study, we succeeded in depositing DLC on polymer substrates and found the best conditions and method for this application. We evaluated… (More)


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@article{Alanazi2000ImprovedBC, title={Improved blood compatibility of DLC coated polymeric material.}, author={Ahmed Khalaf Alanazi and Chisato Nojiri and Toshihide Noguchi and Teruhiko Kido and Yoshito Komatsu and Kenji K. Hirakuri and Akio Funakubo and Koichiro Sakai and Yutaka Fukui}, journal={ASAIO journal}, year={2000}, volume={46 4}, pages={440-3} }