Improved algorithms for path, matching, and packing problems

  title={Improved algorithms for path, matching, and packing problems},
  author={Jianer Chen and Songjian Lu and Sing-Hoi Sze and Fenghui Zhang},
Improved randomized and deterministic algorithms are presented for PATH, MATCHING, and PACKING problems. Our randomized algorithms are based on the divide-and-conquer technique, and improve previous best algorithms for these problems. For example, for the <i>k</i>-PATH problem, our randomized algorithm runs in time <i>O</i>(4<sup><i>k</i></sup>k<sup>3.42</sup><i>m</i>) and space <i>O</i>(<i>nk</i>log<i>k</i> + <i>m</i>), improving the previous best randomized algorithm for the problem that runs… CONTINUE READING

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