Improved Security Evaluation of the Software by using PSSS based Security Analyzer


After analyse the three security processes (CLASP, SDL AND PSSS) it has been selected that the PSSS as security approach to develop a secure project since of its advantages over the other two security processes. The most important objective of PSSS security process is to improve the effectiveness of software security projects. The overall objective of this paper is to evaluate the security analysis of the given software and return a security report which allows programmers to take certain action based upon the outcomes. The main objective of this dissertation is to develop a secure application using PSSS process and the other objectives areTo integrate the each activity of each phase of PSSS in each phase of software development. This paper initiated security process by establishment of a security Engineering approach consisting of security activities forming a process to support the development of more secure software. The validation of the security model has been done by approach by developing a security report through analysis. Thus, one can make its product more secured by rewrite and replacing some security threats in secure manner.

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