Improved RSSI indoor location system based on fuzzy algorithm


With the Zigbee-based protocol, a system design scheme using improved RSSI ranging technology based on fuzzy algorithm for indoor localization is proposed. By fuzzy state classification to establish the fuzzy distribution parameters of climate and environmental obstacles, improve the “distance-loss” model, calculate the membership function, result in a more accurate distance formula to calculate the location information of mobile nodes. The results show that: the positioning algorithm proposed by the system for mobile nodes localization meets the actual needs in real time and accuracy, has application value.

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@article{Chen2011ImprovedRI, title={Improved RSSI indoor location system based on fuzzy algorithm}, author={Deng - Yang Chen and Fang YiYuan}, journal={2011 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Automation Engineering}, year={2011}, volume={2}, pages={255-258} }