Improved Protein Crystal Detection in Detergent and Lipidic Meso-Phases


Texas Red dyes were used to partially label proteins for crystallization in both detergent and lipidic mesophases. Fluorescence detection of Texas Red can then be used to differentiate the protein crystals from salt crystals and other phase separations in the crystallization drop. Whereas ultraviolet light absorption and fluorescence of protein crystals in lipidic meso phase crystallization trials using glass sandwich plates was difficult to discern, the fluorescence of the partially labeled protein can be used to distinguish protein crystals. With as little as 0.05% Texas Red labeling of the protein, protein crystals showed up very clearly in both detergent and the lipid meso-phase crystallization setups.

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@inproceedings{Fry2009ImprovedPC, title={Improved Protein Crystal Detection in Detergent and Lipidic Meso-Phases}, author={Elizabeth H. Fry and Wenying Qin and Erin N. Fleck and Russell A. Judge and Mark L. Chiu}, year={2009} }