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Improved Partonic Event Generators at Lepton Colliders

  title={Improved Partonic Event Generators at Lepton Colliders},
  author={Walter T. Giele},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
  • W. Giele
  • Published 8 April 2015
  • Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
A method is detailed for the phase space integration of multi-jets cross sections at lepton colliders, applicable to parton level Monte Carlo's at any order in perturbation theory. Other non-jet objects, massless or massive, can be included in the phase space generation. We correlate the bremsstrahlung events in a manner that integrates out all partonic configurations leading to a fixed jet configuration, thereby improving convergence. This also allows the method to extend infra-red safety to… 
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