Improved Limited Discrepancy Search

  title={Improved Limited Discrepancy Search},
  author={Karmarkar and Richard M. Karp and References and Garey and David S. Johnson and W. H. Freeman and San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Ave. San Francisco and Nick Harvey and Matthew L. Ginsberg},
Limited discrepancy search is an eeective algorithm for problems where only part of a tree has to be searched to nd a solution, or the problem size prohibits an exhaustive search. We presented an improved version of the algorithm that reduces its time complexity from O(d+2 2 2 d) to O(2 d) for searching a complete binary tree of uniform depth d. In practice, however, the improvement is much less due to pruning of the tree, and we measured a factor of six improvement on trees of depth 35. While… CONTINUE READING



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