Improved Leakage and Reliability for ${\rm ZrLaO}_{x}/{\rm ZrTiO}_{x}/{\rm ZrLaO}_{x}$-Based MIM Capacitors by Plasma Nitridation

  title={Improved Leakage and Reliability for \$\{\rm ZrLaO\}_\{x\}/\{\rm ZrTiO\}_\{x\}/\{\rm ZrLaO\}_\{x\}\$-Based MIM Capacitors by Plasma Nitridation},
  author={Chia-Chun Lin and Yung-Hsien Wu and Ren-Siang Jiang and Yu-Bo Lin and Meng-Ting Yu and Cherng-En Sun},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
In this letter, ZrLaO<sub>x</sub>/ZrTiO<sub>x</sub>/ZrLaO<sub>x</sub> laminate is employed as the platform for investigating the effects of plasma nitridation on the electrical performance and reliability of metal-insulator-metal capacitors. After plasma nitridation of ZrTiO<sub>x</sub>, the capacitance density and quadratic voltage coefficient of capacitance (VCC-α) degraded slightly to 14.38 fF/μm<sup>2</sup> and 68 ppm/V<sup>2</sup>. These results meet the International Technology Roadmap… CONTINUE READING