Improved Energy Detector for Full Duplex Sensing

  title={Improved Energy Detector for Full Duplex Sensing},
  author={Xiao Yan and Ishtiaq Ahmad and Mingfei Gao and Jian Yang and Yuchi Zhang and Zhiyong Feng and Yifan Zhang},
  journal={2014 IEEE 80th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2014-Fall)},
Under current popularity of full duplex radio, this paper explores the adaption of energy detector (ED) to full duplex scenario. To improve sensing performance,firstly a correlation based channel estimation algorithm is formulated to cancel out self-interference. We then notice traditional ED has a long delay in finding sensing error. To tackle this problem, sliding window ED is proposed, in which samples utilized for different sensing instances are allowed to overlap. Moreover, it is also… CONTINUE READING