Improved Empty Vehicle Balancing in Automated Material Handling Systems


The use of automated guided vehicles in high-tech industries such as the semiconductor industry results, due to the size of such factories, in highly complex rail-networks. In contrast to the routing of vehicles that are transporting a lot to its destination, the scheduling of empty vehicles is an inadequate examined problem. This poster is dealing with the issue of empty vehicle balancing and the related search of dynamic parking positions during the planning phase of simulation. The results presented help to improve the factory performance by reducing the overall delivery times in automated material handling systems.

DOI: 10.1109/UKSIM.2008.101

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@article{Wertz2008ImprovedEV, title={Improved Empty Vehicle Balancing in Automated Material Handling Systems}, author={Roland Wertz and Christian Fischmann and Fabian B{\"{o}ttinger and Martin Kasperczyk}, journal={Tenth International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (uksim 2008)}, year={2008}, pages={732-733} }