Improved Economic Operation of MSWC Plants with a New Model Based PID Control Strategy

  title={Improved Economic Operation of MSWC Plants with a New Model Based PID Control Strategy},
  author={Martijn Leskens and Peter Paul van't Veen and L.B.M. van Kessel and Okko H. Bosgra and Paul M. J. Van den Hof},
  journal={IFAC Proceedings Volumes},
Municipal solid waste combustion (MSWC) plant operators are currently under an increasing pressure to optimize the economic performance of their plants. A route with high potential for optimizing this performance is by improving the performance of the MSWC plant combustion control system, which typically is of the PID-type. In this paper, motivated by the industrial need to improve the overall economic MSWC plant performance, a model based approach is taken to optimize this control system… 

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