Improved Approximation for Vector Bin Packing

  title={Improved Approximation for Vector Bin Packing},
  author={Nikhil Bansal and Marek Eli{\'a}s and Arindam Khan},
We study the d-dimensional vector bin packing problem, a well-studied generalization of bin packing arising in resource allocation and scheduling problems. Here we are given a set of d-dimensional vectors v1, . . . , vn in [0, 1] , and the goal is to pack them into the least number of bins so that for each bin B, the sum of the vectors in it is at most 1 in every dimension, i.e., || ∑ vi∈B vi||∞ ≤ 1. For the 2-dimensional case we give an asymptotic approximation guarantee of 1 + ln(1.5)+ ≈ (1… CONTINUE READING