Improved Approximate String Matching Using Compressed Suffix Data Structures

  title={Improved Approximate String Matching Using Compressed Suffix Data Structures},
  author={Tak Wah Lam and Wing-Kin Sung and Swee-Seong Wong},
Approximate string matching is about finding a given string pattern in a text by allowing some degree of errors. In this paper we present a space efficient data structure to solve the 1-mismatch and 1-difference problems. Given a text T of length n over an alphabet A, we can preprocess T and give an $O(n\sqrt{\log n}\log |A|)$ -bit space data structure so that, for any query pattern P of length m, we can find all 1-mismatch (or 1-difference) occurrences of P in O(|A|mlog log n+occ) time, where… CONTINUE READING
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