Improved Ant Colony on Feature Selection and Weighted Ensemble to Neural Network Based Multimodal Disease Risk Prediction (WENN-MDRP) Classifier for Disease Prediction Over Big Data

  title={Improved Ant Colony on Feature Selection and Weighted Ensemble to Neural Network Based Multimodal Disease Risk Prediction (WENN-MDRP) Classifier for Disease Prediction Over Big Data},
  author={Gakwaya Nkundimana Joel and S. Manju Priya},
  journal={International journal of engineering and technology},
As the big data is growing in biomedical and healthcare communities, so are precise analyses of medical data aids, premature disease identification, patient care as well as community services. On the other hand, the accuracy of the analysis decreases, if t he medical data quality is imperfect. As a result, the choice of features from the dataset turns out to be an extremely significant task. Feature selection has exposed its efficiency in numerous applications by means of constructing modest… 

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