Improved Algorithms for the k Maximum-Sums Problems

  title={Improved Algorithms for the k Maximum-Sums Problems},
  author={Chih-Huai Cheng and Kuan-Yu Chen and Wen-Chin Tien and Kun-Mao Chao},
Given a sequence of n real numbers and an integer k, 1 k 1 2 n(n − 1), the k maximum-sum segments problem is to locate the k segments whose sums are the k largest among all possible segment sums. Recently, Bengtsson and Chen gave an O(min{k + n log2 n, n √ k})-time algorithm for this problem. Bae and Takaoka later proposed a more efficient algorithm for small k. In this paper, we propose an O(n + k log(min{n, k}))-time algorithm for the same problem, which is superior to both of them when k is… CONTINUE READING
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