Imprinted Nesp55 influences behavioral reactivity to novel environments.

  title={Imprinted Nesp55 influences behavioral reactivity to novel environments.},
  author={Antonius Plagge and Anthony R Isles and Emma C. Gordon and Trevor Humby and Wendy Dean and Sabine Gritsch and Reiner Fischer-Colbrie and Lawrence S. Wilkinson and Gavin Kelsey},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={25 8},
Genomic imprinting results in parent-of-origin-dependent monoallelic expression of selected genes. Although their importance in development and physiology is recognized, few imprinted genes have been investigated for their effects on brain function. Gnas is a complex imprinted locus whose gene products are involved in early postnatal adaptations and neuroendocrine functions. Gnas encodes the stimulatory G-protein subunit Gsalpha and two other imprinted protein-coding transcripts. Of these, the… CONTINUE READING