Imprint of sub-25 nm vias and trenches in polymers

  title={Imprint of sub-25 nm vias and trenches in polymers},
  author={Stephen Y. Chou and Peter R. Krauss and Preston J. Renstrom},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
A nanoimprint process that presses a mold into a thin thermoplastic polymer film on a substrate to create vias and trenches with a minimum size of 25 nm and a depth of 100 nm in the polymer has been demonstrated. Furthermore, the imprint process has been used as a lithography process to fabricate sub‐25 nm diameter metal dot arrays of a 100 nm period in a lift‐off process. It was found that the nanostructures imprinted in the polymers conform completely with the geometry of the mold. At present… 

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