Imported stamped amphora handles, coins, worked bone and ivory, and glass

  title={Imported stamped amphora handles, coins, worked bone and ivory, and glass},
  author={Y. Shiloh and D. Ariel and B. Bayer},
Persian Period Finds from Jerusalem: Facts and Interpretations
The Babylonian, Persian and early Hellenistic periods are unique in the history of Judah. They represent a kind of "interlude" between two periods of greatness and political independence. ThisExpand
Imported Hellenistic Stamped Amphora Handles from Tatarlı Höyük (in the Province of Adana-Turkey)
Bu calismada, Tatarli Hoyuk Kazilarinda 2008-2017 yillari arasinda bulunan ve Hellenistik Donem’e tarihlenen yirmi iki muhurlu amphora kulpu ele alinmistir. Tatarli Hoyuk Adana/Ceyhan’in 24 kmExpand
Title: Revealed by their jewelry: ethnic identity of Israelites during the Iron Age in the southern Levant Author(s):
in modern times, jewelry is worn not only for adornment, but also to publicize an association or identification with a cultural group or a set of beliefs. Because they are items of a very personalExpand
Abstract The eighteen stamped amphora handles found at Tel Jezreel include sixteen of the Rhodian class, one of the Knidian class, and one unclassified. They are valuable as evidence for theExpand
THE LILY AND THE ROSE: A Review of Some Hasmonean Coin Types
Following the fall of Babylon to Cyrus the Great in 539 b.c.e., Judah was reconstituted as an administrative unit of the Persian Empire. It maintained its semi-autonomous status under the leadershipExpand
The pottery assemblage of Jerusalem's neobabylonian destruction level : a review and discussion
Este articulo estudia la ceramica de Jerusalen de finales de la Edad del Hierro II (mediados del siglo VII a principios del VI a.C.), a partir de los reportes de las excavaciones modernas. SeExpand
Silver in ancient pottery: context matters
The chemical composition of pottery, by far the most abundant artifact at archaeological sites of historical periods, has been used by archaeologists during the past half-century to determine itsExpand
Stamped Amphora handles from Giv'at yasaf (Tell er-Ras)
Presentation du catalogue de quatorze timbres d'amphores decouverts sur le site de Giv'at Yasaf, en Israel. Douze d'entre ces timbres sont rhodiens.
Archaeological Sources for the History of Palestine: Between Large Forces: Palestine in the Hellenistic Period
Most historical reconstructions of the Hellenistic period narrate the epoch's inaugural and subsequent military clashes, from the Alexandrian conquest through Ptolemaic and Seleucid struggles, fromExpand