Importance of the ileum in neurotensin released by fat.

  title={Importance of the ileum in neurotensin released by fat.},
  author={John S. Walker and Masaki Fujimura and Takayuki Sakamoto and George H. Greeley and Courtney M. Townsend and James F. Thompson},
  volume={98 2},
Neurotensin is a potent stimulant of pancreatic exocrine secretion. Ileal mucosa is the storage site for about 90% of total neurotensin. Release occurs rapidly after a fatty meal and during perfusion of the duodenum and jejunum with fat but not during perfusion of the ileum with fat. To determine the origin of neurotensin released after fat stimulation, we studied the pattern of release of neurotensin before and after resection of the distal two thirds of the small bowel. Six dogs with gastric… CONTINUE READING