Importance of hyperexcitability of DRG neurons in neuropathic pain.

  title={Importance of hyperexcitability of DRG neurons in neuropathic pain.},
  author={Jin Mo Chung and Kyungsoon Chung},
  journal={Pain practice : the official journal of World Institute of Pain},
  volume={2 2},
A number of good animal models have been developed in recent years that provide insights into the mechanisms of neuropathic pain. It now becomes evident that there are two separate peripheral components influencing neuropathic pain: one dependent on the hyperexcitability of axotomized dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons and the other independent of this hyperexcitability. The purpose of this review is to consider one of these components, the hyperexcitability of axotomized DRG neurons, as one of… CONTINUE READING